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Sing This Song

Do you believe in honesty
You'll have to find your destiny
There may be times when things go wrong
You're gonna win if you are strong
So many boundaries to break
A million tasks you'll have to take
The road that leads you there is long
But in the end you'll be the one
Just raise your voice and sing
Sing this song
Then you'll be one
Who takes the victory
Take your time
And try to hold the line
Then you will get it all
The years of innocence are gone
You've gotta show where you belong
You know what's wrong and what is right
Just force your goals and hold on tight
There'll be no mountain that's too high
You'll never fail so won't you try
The battle only just begin
And if you win you'll be the one
So let me hear your voice
Sing this song...
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