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Wings To Fly

Tears on your lips
As you're lying here in my arms
All is gone far away
And there won't be another day
You have made my life worthwhile
But you took me thru this endless trial
Girl, you have tojght me how to see
But I've always thought there's only you and me
I thought you gave me
Your all and all
Cause you where the reason
That made me cry and fall
You gave me wings to fly
Now it's to late to say good bye
And I'll raise my hands
Beggins that you will let this end
Why did you hurt me
Why did you throw away outr love
Couldn't you stand me
Didn't I give you more than enough
Couldn't you find the words
To tell me what was wrong
Now this is the price you pay
That you're nothing more than a shade
I thought you gave me
You're heart and soul
No one can save you now
And there goes out my call
You gave me wings to fly...
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