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Take Me Away

Somewhere beyond
In there the dark there's a light
Taking my fears
And my dreams out of sight
Gives me the power
And the will to survive this fight
I've travelled for ages
In search of the truth
Thousand of pages
Have paid off their dues
But they can't tell
What I am longing for
And when the dawn of the victory
Is rising with dignity
And then I'll know where to go
Take me away
Into infinity
I just can't stay
Release my tragedy
And I swear
That I'll take more than I can bear
So take me away
Deep down my soul
There's a fire that burns
I won't hesitate
I'll always return
Surrendering all of the duties
That I was chosen for
I've conquered it all
And so what is the price
I bag for deliverance
Now that I'm wise
Why don't you ease my pain
And free my soul
So I'm laying my weapons down
Do I deserve the crown
Couse I'm here to take my place
Take me away...
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